Lady in the Park



This piece was created for the 2013 Falls Quilt Show Challenge-Art with a Twist. Everyone was given 3 fat quarters of batik that must be used on the front of the quilt. I used the 3 pieces as the back ground and created the lady’s dress with embellished taffeta. Hat collar and belt are Ultrasuede. All of the pieces will be available for purchase through a silent auction.

Louise’s Poppies

This quilt was inspired by the beautiful Poppies at Lake Louise near Banff Alberta Canada. I remember going there as a child with my family. My Grandmother loved these poppies and picked pods to take home and plant. I loved the beautiful colors.
louise's poppies
This is a painted whole cloth quilt. It started as a piece of white fabric, was painted with ink and then quilted.


It received an honorable mention in the Road to California jurried show in January.

Rug From Over Dyed Fabrics

This is one of the rugs I made using the the frame and instructions from the book Rugs from Rags by Country Threads.


Rugs from Rags by Country Threads
The instructions suggest using yarn dyed fabric so you didn’t get the white on the back of printed fabric showing. My solution was to use the overdyed fabric. I chose fabrics that were yellow, orange, tan, brown and then overdyed with orange and red dye.
weaving 2

Handi Quilter Education

Just returned from a training class at Handi Quilter in Salt Lake City. It was very informative. bringing us up to speed on the new upgrade to the Pro-Stitcher software. A beautiful class room with 17 long arm machines, what a treat.
It was the first time I had used the edge to edge quilting option. We also learned to place different images into various shapes.
a href=””>IMG_5847
A real bonus to the trip was a tour of the facility. All of the Handi Quilter machines are built on site. There are roughly 80 employees. General assembly takes place in this large room.









There are quilts everywhere! They were so gracious and encouraged us to take photos.




quilting counts as aerobic exercise

Overdye projects

It was fun sharing what I learned about over-dying fabric with the Falls Quilt Guild at the Feb. meeting. This was just using Rit dye over top of fabric that I really didn’t like. Left over fabric, inherited fabric and that “What was I thinking?” fabric purchases. The first experiment involved cutting the same fat quarter into pieces and over dying with a variety of colors. It is really interesting to see what the different colors do with different fabrics.
FQG Feb 13 Jan Popa  Overdyeing 02 swatches
Last spring I blogged about experimenting with 3 colors of dye on a variety of fabrics. I finally got around to experimenting using the fabrics with a print, solid white and solid grey. You can click here to see the previous post on dying.
I have been facinated with the “Modern Quilt” look and thought I would experiment. Unfortunately the tops have not been quilted yet.
FQG Feb 13 Jan Popa  Overdyeing 10 first quilt b
FQG Feb 13 Jan Popa  Overdyeing 18 quilt 2 fcrop
FQG Feb 13 Jan Popa  Overdyeing 21 quilt 3 crop
Not sure which one I like the best, might depend on the quilting.

Mardi Gras Quilt

Snake River Montessori School Fundraiser
mardi gras 2

Janet Myers Jewell pieced the quilt and I quilted it.
mardigras quilt
It will be auctioned at their Mardi Gras fundraiser On Feb 16th.

Arrowpeak Fun



Erica getting lots done
Julie working on the needle felting
Mary is loving those stars!
Lorrie taking a break from all that driving
Colleen concentrating on that needlefelting
Janet working on a project
Barb working hard
Laurie working the wool
Fun had by all


Lots of fun projects

Register for Quilting at Arrowpeak Retreat

Surround yourself with the beautiful scenery and relaxed, friendly atmosphere while you immerse yourself in your passion. Your time is your own, work on what ever project you would like, stay up late or get up early. Take a break and read a book by the fireplace. Sharing options will be available if you wish like to participate. Space is limited so register early. October 11-14,2012 at Arrowpeak Lodge in the Highwood Mountains 40 miles from Great Falls, MT. 4 Days/3 Nights $190 per person.

Dyeing Easter Eggs (opps! I mean fabric)

Happy Easter! Now is the time to dye some eggs but I have been dying fabric instead. I have been experimenting with over-dying fabric. You know the fabric, “what was I thinking when I bought this, was I drunk?” and all that fabric I inherited from Mom, Mom I love you but your favorite colors were not mine. Don’t forget about those dated fabrics, you know the ones, that were bought in the 70’s, 80’s & 90″s. This is really a quick and easy way to re-purpose fabric. I used Rit Dye because it is fast and doesn’t care so much about ph, soda ash, pre-treat, dye activators and the processes used for the good dyes. Some of the fabrics I was using were dark so I decided to remove some color by “discharging” which means soaking it in bleach water. I bleached several fabrics with a variety of results. I have been playing with bleach products for other purposes, every time I do it I learn more. I have these buckets that I used for dying and I tossed some of the darker or really ugly fabrics in the tubs of bleach water. I checked on them about every 15 minutes, took some out and let some stay longer. Some stubborn ones got to spend the night in the tub, interestingly they were not any different in the morning. So, I learned, fabrics that are heavily printed or have metalic ink really don’t care about bleach. In the morning I treated all of the fabric with bleach stop and then washed the fabrics.
Many colors discharged to pink, even if they started as other colors.

Now to the dying.
First off I picked 3 boxes of dye, fuchsia, green and turquoise. I wanted to see what the different fabrics would do. I tore the fabrics in to 3 parts to have some of each in each color. I used other fabrics other than the bleached ones also. The white on white fabrics were really interesting.
I took 4 cups of boiling water and poured it into a tub. Dissolved the dye in the hot water and then added hot tap water, so that I had about a gallon. Then put the fabric into the tub. Paint sticks work great for this. I then added a little more water and stirred them a bit. I purposely did it this way because I wanted a variation in the color. If you want it more solid you would separate each fabric and dye them separately in a larger water bath or in the washing machine. I unfolded most of the pieces so it was a more crinkle or modeled look.
When I was done with one color I did the same for the other 2 colors. By the time I was done with the third color I checked the first color and decided it was dark enough and rinsed them in warm water to get rid of the extra dye and threw them back in the bucket. The fabric probably soaked about a half hour.